Friday, October 16, 2009

Scare tactics by My Mother

 I love both my parents and I had a great childhood to their standards. I'm just amazed my siblings and I survived with minimal injuries and little therapy. We actually grew up to be functional adults with great careers and wonderful children of our own(except the little sis she gets married november 2009,and I hopefully jinks her with twins). I now find myself repeating my parents antics, not all were bad its was just the need that my mother had great pleasure in scaring the hell out of us. Didn't have to be halloween or a full moon for the mood to hit her that she needed to scare us. She enjoyed jumping out of the bushes just as we were coming in from playing outside,and scream in her most horrific voice " I'M NOT YOUR MOTHER!" Like a women possessed by the devil and chase back into the house. Do you think she would stop right their oh no not that women. She would chase us all over the house, screaming those words " I'm not your mother!" I remember this one time my little sister Ally was taking a bath,My older sister amber was in the den, and I was in the kitchen with my mother talking. Then I looked up and saw that look in her eye followed by the words " I'm not your mother!"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! the chase was on. First I ran to the den where Amber was and she too was being chased by the possessed women we call mom. The next stop was right into the bathroom were ally was taking her bath. We locked the door behind us in hopes of protecting ourselves from the monster known as I'm not your mother. In our desperate need to get away from mommy dearest I failed to lock the adjoining door to the bathroom. She comes through the unlocked door,by this time ally has gotten out of the bath tub and wrapped a towel around herself. We unlock the door and all three of us was chased upstairs to the toy room/attic and into the walk in closet. There we are able to hold the door shut from scary women antics. She finally stared to calm down(mainly do to her uncontrollable laughter) and we walk out of the closet laughing as well. My mother walked into the walk in closet and noticed that someone relived themselves on one of her suit cases. The blame went to Ally because she was the one in the towel and the youngest. Also has been known to pee on herself in stressful situations(kidding on the last one). What is little known in this story is that when we were in the closet,it was ally and I who was holding the door closed while wild old lady was scaring the hell out of us and Amber was the one at the end of the closet next to the suit cases, (Think about, thats all I'm saying) So why is it when I get this froggy feeling and I want to chase and scare my children just as she scared us so many years ago(example hiding under Lily's bed and wait for her to walk by and grab her ankles or put a zombi in her closet ect. fun things like that) She tells me I shouldn't do that because I might give them a complex. Okay Ally was 5, I was 6,and Amber was 11 and she's been doing that for as long as I can remember and again we came out okay by most standards right? Don't answer that.
Next blog on my father's need to put adventure in our lives without even trying

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